Gephyrophillia #1

Originally Posted on 07/10/2008 by Jeff Harris

This is Gephyrophilia, the weekly editorial page of BXT: Absolution Station.

Yes, I'm calling it Gephyrophilia.

It means love of bridges, more or less, a love of crossing them. It's pretty much what I've been doing since the site was renamed The X Bridge about five years ago. This is pretty much the editorial page of BXT, a weekly column that basically has me shooting the breeze about a particular subject that either interests or irks me that moment.

Yes, I am aware I do that on a nearly daily basis in the Not An Update part of the site. You know, the page formerly known as Watch This Space? On this page, I'll also crosslink to new articles that I won't even talk about on the side links nor Bridgecenter. I'll also use Gephyrophilia to link to certain articles that inspire and entertain me on a weekly basis.

It's something I've never really done here at The X Bridge in any of its incarnations.

Speaking of incarnations, this is pretty much a radically different direction for the site. If you're a long-time reader of TXB, you're already aware that this site is, and will always be, a work in progress, and the redesign of the site from the ground up is only the beginning.

The X Bridge is becoming the four-sided site I always wanted it to be. Information represents the non-opinionated side of the site, the newsman and researcher that finds news and data everywhere I go. Imagination is the creative side of TXB where I could envision what could have happened, what should happen, and how everything can be improved. Plus, it's the side where I could also create new worlds and tell stories, but that's an update for another time. Legacy is basically dedicated to what the site WAS all about. Though the block's lifespan is now finite, TICA Base will be a permanent part of The X Bridge serving as a monument to Toonami, probably one of the greatest programming blocks ever created and the only one to truly create an industry that continues to this day. The final side is Thought. That part of the site is the meat of the site. The opinionated site of The X Bridge includes Not An Update (formerly Watch This Space), Thoughtnami, and other things coming down the site in the weeks ahead. Some familiar, some new.

BXT: Absolution Station is the section of the site that bridges all four sides in one place. Information. Imagination. Legacy. Thought. You'll find all of that here in throughout the next year. BXT will become a major part of the future of The X Bridge hopefully in the years to come.

That's far off in the future, and this is now. No more whining, and we're about to have fun here. We're crossing bridges we've never crossed before. It's an exciting time for The X Bridge, and I hope you all continue to be a part of it. If this is your first time here, welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.

See you next week.

Jeff Harris,
The X Bridge Creator/Webmaster
July 10, 2008


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