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Toonami has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years. Being a webmaster of one of the net's oldest Toonami websites, I have seen the block change, devolve, and evolve on numerous occasions. It's current evolution as a weekly teen-oriented block is probably the biggest change to date. I have written numerous articles about the block over the years both in its CNX incarnation and the current X Bridge incarnation. Now, here's a list of some of my opinions over the years. The X Bridge is one of the net's oldest chroniclers of Toonami history and I'm pleased to continue that tradition here at the TICA Base. .

Here's an archive of all the articles written in that first page of The X Bridge from the Page One era to the Watch This Space years to the current Gephyrophillia. Newest articles near the top.

The Five Greatest Moments in Toonami History (circa March 2007)
The Five Most Disappointing Moments in Toonami History (circa 2007)
State of Toonami 2005
The Most Important Shows of Toonami (circa 2004)
The Assassination of a Block
Giant Robot Weak?
Wraith of a Laffoheads
Confessions of a Toonamitaku
The Favorite Son
The Way of the World

CNX: The City Years:

What is The Revolution? (2000)
The Ultimate Toonami Lineup (circa 1999)
Could A Toonami Network Happen?
Toonami Network Schedule (circa 1999)
Will The Network Listen To Its Fans? (circa 1998)
What is CN2: Toonami? (circa 1998)

Inside The Creators' Minds

One of the best known facts about Toonami was the fact that the creators shared a lot in common with the fans, primarily because they were fans. Over the years, they've even given several outlets, including The X Bridge, the opportunity to see what goes into the minds of Williams Street. Here are just a few of those articles exclusively found at The X Bridge:

TOM's Toonami Chat Session At AOL (October 1999)
Sean Akins's "Why I Love My Job" Article in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution (June 2000)
TOM Invades The X Bridge (July 2000)
Sean's X Bridge Interview (December 2000)
Sean Enters The (Toon) Zone (October 2004)

Watch This Space and Other Thoughts

More often than not, the opinions of the Toonami block has often been a fixture of the Watch This Space page of The X Bridge. For your perusal, a listing of all Toonami-based WTS articles, all of which have been chronicled since the relaunch in 2002. Just wish I had my pre-2002 Toonami articles online.


GEPH #208: 09/09/09 - A Word About Toonami, The Forum, and The Site


NAU #06: 09/21/08 - Farewell Toonami
7/17/08: The Other Guy Speaks and a Victory?
4/9/08: The End of Toonami is Nigh
4/3/08: Separate But Not Equal
3/17/08: One, Five, and Eleven Years Ago Today
2/27/08: It's Tme For A Revolution


9/7/07: Let's All Go To The Movies
7/20/07: State of Toonami '07
3/17/07: Toonami's 10th - A Look Back
02/02/07: Should Bleach REALLY Be On Adult Swim?


10/2/06: Ten Things For The Tenth
9/20/06: The Fall of Our Discontent
6/28/06: Tooguzi and Minami
3/17/06: Nine Blasts From The Birthday Cannon
3/7/06: Weep For Toonami UK
3/2/06: The Lackluster Morning After


11/14/03: No More Excuses
7/21/05: The Number Seven
2/17/05: The Day After
1/24/05: Can You Believe the (Dragon) Balls On Cartoon Network?


6/7/04: Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
5/1/04: Night Three of a Better Cartoon Show
4/24/04: Night Two of A Better Cartoon Show
4/17/04: Toonami 2004 - First Night Impressions
4/8/04: The Ultimate Action Block
3/17/04: Seven Years Ago . . .
2/27/04: The New Order
1/22/04: Where Will The Seeds Be Planted?


9/10/03: The Aftermath
9/9/03: ANX Interviews The Man
9/8/03: Toonami Network On the Air!
7/19/03: When Nal Met Arse
7/3/03: CNX Becomes Toonami In September
6/10/03: Living, Breathing Emoticons
6/7/03: Nothing. Absolutely Nothing
4/14/03: Visions of Toonami Blue
4/7/03: Farewell Dragonball Z
3/28/03: A Blunt Look At A Biased Article
3/25/03: The First Ratings of Toonami 2003
3/17/03: Toonami Turns Six
3/16/03: Introducing ANX
3/14/03: Say Goodbye to TOM V.2
3/2/03: The New Faces of Toonami
2/28/03: Giant Robot Week - Day 5
2/27/03: Giant Robot Week - Day 4
2/26/03: Giant Robot Week - Day 3
2/25/03: Giant Robot Week - Day 2
2/24/03: Giant Robot Week - Day 1
2/17/03: Schedule Recap
2/14/03: And A Samurai Will Lead The Way
2/11/03: Who Knows What Tomorrow Will Bring?
2/3/03: Just When You Thought Common Sense Returned . . .
1/28/03: Hell Freezes Over
1/8/03: Change Is In The Air


9/24/02: The Dream Is Now A Reality?
9/20/02: Trapped In Hyperspace: Worth The Lack of Hype?
8/29/02: HamHams Go Bye-Bye!
8/22/02: About Low Brow and G Gundam
8/21/02: The Return of Old School!
7/27/02: It's Getting Chaotic Here!
6/28/02: Let's Do The Time Warp Again!
6/20/02: Let's Rewind
6/13/02: August Is Powered By Grayskull and Transformers
6/6/02: The Transformation of Toonami
6/3/02: What Th--?
6/1/02: Return of the Moon Princess
5/24/02: Return of the Third Hour
3/17/02: A Month Later, All's Right With The Word
2/8/02: Let the Games Begin!

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