As is any male member of the COTE (Children of the Eighties), I'm a fan of action figures. In modern times, action figure development and design has advanced. In the same time, certain creators feel the need to customize them to their whims. Using artistic skills, knowledge of design patterns, a vivid imagination, and powered by the love of creation, these scratchbuilders tend to create custom action figures that they show off with pride.

Now, I'm not making custom action figures (yet), but in this section, I'm scratchbuilding networks and concepts from the ground up from scratch. After analyzing what they are, I rebuild it from scratch to the way I feel they should be. It's kind of like making fantasy schedules (which will also have a place here), only gone mad and more in-depth.

That's what SCRATCHBUILDING is all about. Hope you all enjoy it.

- Jeff Harris,
Creator/Webmaster, The X Bridge

“One supreme fact which I have discovered is that it is not willpower, but fantasy-imagination that creates. Imagination is the creative force. Imagination creates reality.”
- Richard Wagner

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SB-04 - KidsCo USA 7/10/08 by Jeff Harris

The first Scratchbuilding of 2008 is not actually rebuilding anything because this network doesn't exist. At least, not in this country. It's simply a request for three powerful media companies to reconsider their initial plans NOT to launch their new children's network in the United States. The folks behind NBC and YTV and the studios behind Inspector Gadget, Class of the Titans, Arthur, and World of Quest launched KidsCo in most locations on the globe, with the most notable exceptions of Canada (which I completely understand) and the United States (which I don't). I've laid out a plan to rethink their plans for the brand Stateside by giving them a unique option, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If they follow this plan, they would truly be considered "the fourth voice" they've wanted to become.

So, submitted for your analysis, the fourth Scratchbuilt channel, KidsCo USA.

SB-03 - Cartoon Network (Part Two) 11/8/07 by Jeff Harris

Last week at The X Bridge, I completely transformed the network currently occupying Cartoon Network into the kids network they should become (without the Cartoon Network name). This week, in the final step in the demolition of Cartoon Network and the birth of Warner Cartoon Group, I'm recreating Cartoon Network from the ground up as an animation network for the 21st century. Something old, something new. All animation.

So, submitted for your analysis, the conclusion of my article featuring the third scratchbuilt channel, "Cartoon Network".

SB-03 - Cartoon Network (Part One) 11/1/07 by Jeff Harris

Yes, it is a month late.

I've been trying to figure out what the next step in the demolition of Cartoon Network and the birth of Warner Cartoon Group. The second step has to be rebuilding Cartoon Network. The problem is that Cartoon Network needs massive work that would take two networks and two parts to complete. Part One has to do with what to do with Cartoon Network. This is probably the most shocking rebuild I ever completed, but it would definitely change things.

So, submitted for your analysis, the third Scratchbuilt channel, "Cartoon Network".

SB-02 - Boomerang 9/24/07 by Jeff Harris

I'm rebuilding Cartoon Network. But I'm saving that for next week, the week of October 1, Cartoon Network's anniversary.

This week, I'm rebuilding Boomerang. Why does Boomerang come first? Because unlike Cartoon Network, this is a simple rebuild. That's to say, rebuilding Boomerang isn't as complicated as one may think, and I think in the right hand, this plan could work. And by right hands, I don't mean Turner Broadcasting.

Did I just suggest that? Warner Bros. Entertainment wouldn't have a say-so in the direction of Boomerang either. Yeah, I suggested that too. Just what kind of direction would I take Boomerang in? Well, let's just say that Boomerang wouldn't be the only thing affected by this plan.

So, submitted for your analysis, the second Scratchbuilt channel, Boomerang.

SB-01 - Toon Disney 7/10/07 by Jeff Harris

Instead of taking it one direction, I'm going to surprise you a bit. You'd think that I would introduce a section about rebuilding a channel with Cartoon Network. For starters, that would be considered cliche on my part taking the time to rebuild the network, especially when I've done it many times over.

Instead, for my first scratchbuilt network, I'm rebuilding Toon Disney, which, in recent years, has become less "Toon" and even less "Disney," like all other Disney Channel (and yes, future installments will have me rebuilding The Disney Channel and ABC Family as well).

So, submitted for your analysis, the first Scratchbuilt channel, Toon Disney