What is Imagine If?

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Monotony is a state I don't want to be in. It's very bland, inbred, and boring. As a result, those that live in a state of monotony will be stuck in that same cycle over and over.

But we don't have to be stuck in that position forever.

Things that we have accepted as the norm haven't always been this way. In fact, if it wasn't for changes in attitudes and interoffice politics, everything we know could have shifted in different directions. I mean who would have guessed that Time Warner once owned Nickelodeon?

Well, back in 1979, Warner Communications, half of the company that would become Time Warner . . . okay, I think I lost a good portion of the readers here at the site, but hopefully, I could get them back. Things that we know hasn't always been that way. I'd like to imagine what certain scenarios would be if, say, the things that we know are true wouldn't be as we know them.

Kind of sounds a little strange? Maybe. I mean, people like to reimagine certain stories and shows in their own image, often straying away from what we perceive as the norm.

Imagine If isn't a critical section of TXB like the late HFIL section was, but rather a look at what could have been and what should have been. Acquisitions that could have been made. Partnerships that could have developed. Properties they should have held on to. I'm sure execs who were involved and who came after them often have their thoughts of "could have beens." Think of Imagine If as a cross between Marvel's What If . . . and DC's Elseworlds mixed inside The Twilight Zone with yours truly playing a twisted version of Rod Serling.

- Jeff Harris,
Creator/Webmaster, The X Bridge

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