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Welcome To The Opinionated Side of TXB
I've always been an opinionated person.

I criticize just about everything and everybody, including myself. I never spin the truth, and quite frankly, I don't see any reason to hide the truth from a public that ought to know. My favorite target is the animation industry in North America. It's not that I hate it, I'm just frustrated by the direction of the industry thanks in part to those in control of the animation outlets. Animation is, unfortunately, seen as the bastard offspring of the motion picture industry, and the majority of the American public still regard animation only as a cheap medium for children's entertainment. Many within the industry can't criticize it because they fear losing jobs. Animators don't have much of a voice, and as a creator and a historian, I look at the good and the bad. Because my expertise is in action-animation, I cover this subdivision in detail with my opinions and criticism, though in the flipside of the site, BXT, I will criticize the industry as a whole, going places where my brothers and sisters over at Toon Zone are, understandably, afraid to go.

As I have said time and time again, the opinions expressed in this section are clearly my own and do not represent the opinions of the Toonami Inner Circle Alliance, Toon Zone, or any other affilated company, and they do not represent any major studio, individual, or production company. But if they feel the same way I do, all the better.

Jeff Harris
Webmaster, The X Bridge

What's New?


You have questions or comments about what you've read around these parts? Well, here's the section where I'll answer them every single week. I'll try to be kind.

The Slippery Slope

Cartoon Network's ratings in 2006 has slipped 13% from the previous year, which weren't that high in the first place, and they're averaging under 700,000 viewers per day in the 2-11 demographic. In comparison, Nick gets over a million and Disney gets over 850,000 per day. The question must be asked, how long will The Network go down this slippery slope, and what can they do to reverse it?

Bribing Their Viewers

What do you do when you have a movie that nobody really wanted to watch and $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket (funds that could easily be used to buy half a season's worth of episodes of a Canadian series)? You do what Cartoon Network is doing and bribe viewers into watching it. But, is it a good thing?

BXT: The Flipside of The X Bridge

The newest section of The X Bridge is actually something familiar to longtime readers of the site. Instead of just focusing on action-animation, I want to examine other things in depth, not just the week in news or anything groundbreaking. Just my opinions on certain items. Uncut, unrestrained, and pretty much unhinged, the rebellious nature of TXB has been reborn. This is BXT. Welcome to the Flipside.

Defending The 80s: For some strange reason, when it comes to all the eras of animation, the 80s always get treated like rubbish. I know why, but I'm here to knock down excuses. But as always, people want to get their say-so. As a fair and balanced individual, I'm giving these two an opportunity to break down my defense. But you know I'll always have something to throw back at them.

Part 1: Defending The 80s
Part 2: Rebutting The Defense by Jorge Garrido
Part 3: My Cross-Examination of Jorge's Rebuttal
Part 4: HG Revolution Rebuttal to My Cross-Examination
Part 5: My Cross-Examination of HG's Rebuttal

What's A Classic?: Can you tell what's a classic? Do you know the difference between what's a "classic" and what's merely "old school?" More importantly, do you or should you care?

A Wasted Opportunity: The announcement of the merger of UPN and The WB to form The CW left open an opportunity for a resurrection of the first-run syndication industry, which hasn't been in droves since 1995. However, the opportunists at News Corp "developed" a programming block disguised as a network putting an end to a new era of syndication before it even began. A pity, really.

Bugs Bunny Was Here: Remember Bugs Bunny? If you do, you're not of this current generation who sees him as a safe, defanged, Mickey Mouse-esque mascot. Where is that wascally wabbit, and how can he come back to greatness in this politically and puritanically correct day and age? I'll talk about it here.

Why Tickle U Failed: Cartoon Network launched Tickle U in the fall of 2005 with much fanfare from the network. At the beginning of 2006, it vanished without a trace. Nobody knows what went wrong. Well, nobody but me. Tickle U was a failure that should have worked.


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