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The opinions section of The X Bridge is now called Thoughtnami. Thoughtnami is where I'll give lengthy, in-depth opinions about everything that interests me, surprises me, and annoys me. It's pretty much what the old blog was, but now here at the site where I've provided opinions and commentary for over 12 years.

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DC's Next Top Icon
Like The Time A Controversial Animator Took Over A TV Icon
Not A Four-Letter Word
How Would YOU Have Ended Lost?

Articles and Opinions

I've always been an opinionated person.

I criticize just about everything and everybody, including myself. I never spin the truth, and quite frankly, I don't see any reason to hide the truth from a public that ought to know. My favorite target is the animation industry in North America. It's not that I hate it, I'm just frustrated by the direction of the industry thanks in part to those in control of the animation outlets. Animation is, unfortunately, seen as the bastard offspring of the motion picture industry, and the majority of the American public still regard animation only as a cheap medium for children's entertainment. Many within the industry can't criticize it because they fear losing jobs. Animators don't have much of a voice, and as a creator and a historian, I look at the good and the bad. Because my expertise is in action-animation, I cover this subdivision in detail with my opinions and criticism, though in the flipside of the site, BXT, I will criticize the industry as a whole, going places where my brothers and sisters over at Toon Zone are, understandably, afraid to go.

As I have said time and time again, the opinions expressed in this section are clearly my own and do not represent the opinions of the Toonami Inner Circle Alliance, Toon Zone, or any other affilated company, and they do not represent any major studio, individual, or production company. But if they feel the same way I do, all the better.

What's A Classic?
A Wasted Opportunity
Bugs Bunny Was Here
Defending The 80s Why Tickle U Failed Fixing A Flawed System
Bugs and Bruises Jetix: The New Toon Disney?
The Slippery Slope
Bribing Their Viewers
Ameobaization of Cartoon Network
Grow Up, CN
Checkerboard Confusion
Not So Epic
The Monkey King
An Anime Channel: Is It Possible
Violent Censorship

Defending The 80s: For some strange reason, when it comes to all the eras of animation, the 80s always get treated like rubbish. I know why, but I'm here to knock down excuses. But as always, people want to get their say-so. As a fair and balanced individual, I'm giving these two an opportunity to break down my defense. But you know I'll always have something to throw back at them.

Part 1: Defending The 80s
Part 2: Rebutting The Defense by Jorge Garrido
Part 3: My Cross-Examination of Jorge's Rebuttal
Part 4: HG Revolution Rebuttal to My Cross-Examination
Part 5: My Cross-Examination of HG's Rebuttal

In Appreciation Of:

Joseph Barbera
Shirley Walker
Alex Toth
Chuck Jones

Thoughtnami Classic

Over 200 Articles strong. Only 70 made the cut.

This is Thoughtnami.

I spent six years at Thoughtnami talking about the moronic nature of the animation industry, the networks that air animation (and those that don't), and the increasingly interconnected world of pop culture (TV, movies, comics, and animation are now more intertwined than ever). I began Thoughtnami separating those topics. However, it seems that lately, things I would have posted at Thoughtnami are finding themselves on The X Bridge.

Oddly enough, some of the things I would have posted at Thoughtnami has also found a home on Twitter. I found myself on Twitter a lot the past year conversing with folks and actually thinking out loud with topics almost in real time. And I tend to get a response to my tweets more than I would on a post around these parts. So, in a strangely Luddite way, I'm blaming modern technology for a reason behind the end of the site.

I also began the site because I didn't want to offend my other site's host, Toonzone, nor any company they're connected with in my articles. But you know what?

If anyone's offended, so be it. I'm at the point in my life that I believe in the freedom of speech. Toonzone believes that too, so stuff that I post here won't be an issue at the Mothership. Whoo-hoo!

I picked the best of the best of the old blog (over six years of articles) and brought them to The X Bridge. As the old adage goes, there can be only one, and as much as I love Thoughtnami, I choose The X Bridge. I've known it longer, and it's been a part of my life a lot longer.

Here's an archive of the best of Thoughtnami for you to enjoy:

12/22/09: The Story of the Four Networks
12/08/09: Characters Welcome (Unless You're Animated
11/26/09: I've Been Thinking
09/19/09: 52 Weeks Ago Tonight
08/11/09: Is The Nightmare Over?
08/07/09: How John Hughes Changed My Life
07/01/04: Hypothetically Speaking
06/16/09: CN Real . . .ly Stupid
06/08/09: Quick Waves #6
06/07/09: Defending The Red-Haired Man
05/18/09: So, Was The Dimerger Worth It?
03/16/09: Co To Za Syfy?
03/09/09: Quick Waves #5
02/24/09: Six For The Swim
02/15/04: Know Where Your Towel Is
02/12/09: Question Entertainment CEOs

05/08/08: What About Before The Empire Struck Back?
05/05/08: Destined to Die?
02/26/08: The History Eraser Button

12/30/07: The Leno Situation: Solved By Me
11/06/07: Support ALL Creators
10/18/07: Three Movies That Defined My Generation
10/04/07: Breaking Down Warner's "Quote" Talking About the Death of Kids' WB!
10/03/07: Could Kids' WB's Death Be Cartoon Network's Rebirth?
10/01/07: Pissing On The Birthday Cake: CN Turns 15
06/27/07: Purging The TV Infection
06/26/07: Frederator Goes Indy
03/09/07: Rated T/S for Television Sucks
10/26/06: I Want My Canadian TV
10/11/06: The Cartoon Network Way
06/16/06 : A Rant About Manga, OEL Manga, and Comics
06/05/06: The Other 15 Big Moments in Animation
04/17/06: The Truth Hurts
04/10/06: In Danger of Getting Kicked Off Cable
03/29/06: Quick! What's On Sat AM This Week?
03/18/06: From One Jeff To Another
03/18/06: The Peacock Ain't Proud No More

12/14/05: Family Guy Is Not A Copy Of The Simpsons
11/02/05: Where's The Outrage?
10/21/05: Drop G4
10/20/05: Apologizing For Loonatics
08/03/05: Bugs Bunny is Dead ("The Rules" - Raw!)
07/26/04: I Love Popnost
07/26/04: The Reason You Don't Have Boomerang
07/12/05: An Open Letter To Reginald Hudlin
06/28/04: Remember When Network Programming Made Sense?
06/10/05: Sports Fans Are HUGE Nerds
06/08/05: Reason #187 of Why Time Warner Doesn't Love Turner
05/20/05: Too Real To Be True?
03/07/05: Voice Actors Need Love Too

11/16/04: Quick Waves #4
10/24/04: Clark Kent Is Older Than Superman?
10/22/04: Comcast Stupidity
10/11/04: Remembering Christopher Reeve
10/08/04: An Old Belief About Local Broadcasting
09/30/04: We Don't Care About TV Presentation in the US
09/13/04: The Lion Sleeps With The Lady With The Torch
08/19/04: Living Cartoons
08/19/04: Why Did Fox Bring Back Family Guy Again?
08/04/04: Quick Waves #3
07/27/04: An Anime Network Is Born (But Is It The Right One?)
07/20/04: Interesting Press Release
07/20/04: Quick Waves #2
07/16/04: Whatever Happened to Donovan Cook?
07/06/04: The Web-Slinger Returns
07/01/04: Quick Waves #1
06/29/04: Removing TV Shows to Sell DVDs?
06/28/04: G4 Is Still Trapped At E3
06/28/04: More Classics Gone From Cartoon Network
06/28/04: Welcome To Thoughtnami

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