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Imagine If . . .

Imagine If isn't a critical section of TXB like the late HFIL section was, but rather a look at what could have been and what should have been. Acquisitions that could have been made. Partnerships that could have developed. Properties they should have held on to. I'm sure execs who were involved and who came after them often have their thoughts of "could have beens." Think of Imagine If as a cross between Marvel's What If . . . and DC's Elseworlds mixed inside The Twilight Zone with yours truly playing a twisted version of Rod Serling.

CYCLE ONE (September 2005):
Warner Bros. and Nickelodeon
Ted Turner and CBS
Saban and Dragon Ball Z
Viacom and Hanna-Barbera
Jonny Quest and Cartoon Network
Paramount and Warner Communications

CYCLE TWO (October 2005):
Williams Street and Cartoon Network
Disney and Comcast
Sailor Moon and Fox

CYCLE THREE (December 2006):
What A Cartoon! and Nickelodeon
The USA Cartoon Express
Fox Kids and Fox Family
Toonami and Cartoon Network

CYCLE FOUR (March 2007):
The Anime Network and the FUNimation Channel
DC Comics and Marvel Comics
Toonami, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and Gundam


As is any male member of the COTE (Children of the Eighties), I'm a fan of action figures. In modern times, action figure development and design has advanced. In the same time, certain creators feel the need to customize them to their whims. Using artistic skills, knowledge of design patterns, a vivid imagination, and powered by the love of creation, these scratchbuilders tend to create custom action figures that they show off with pride.

Now, I'm not making custom action figures (yet), but in this section, I'm scratchbuilding networks and concepts from the ground up from scratch. After analyzing what they are, I rebuild it from scratch to the way I feel they should be. It's kind of like making fantasy schedules (which will also have a place here), only gone mad and more in-depth.

That's what SCRATCHBUILDING is all about. Hope you all enjoy it.

SB-01: Toon Disney 1.0
SB-02: Boomerang 1.0
SB-03: Cartoon Network 1.0 Part One
SB-03: Cartoon Network 1.0 Part Two
SB-04: KidsCo USA<
SB-05: Disney Channel 1.0

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